Omnitek launches BitUVisc

At this year’s PEFTEC, Omnitek BV will introduce the newest member to the U-VIsc family of kinematic viscometry systems : the BitUVisc.

The instrument was especially developed for demanding applications of high temperature and high viscosity products such as bitumens, waxes, asphalts and vacuum residue. Because of the problems associated with heating, sampling, measuring and cleaning these types of samples, users were forced to resort to manual measurement, which is a long and tedious process. Covering a range up to 165ºC and 100.000 cSt, the BitUvisc finally offers users a way of automatically measuring these types of samples, resulting in very substantial time savings.

The precision of the obtained results far exceeds requirements in ASTM D2170. At the same time, the BitUvisc is fully compliant with ASTM D445.

  • Compliant with requirements for ASTM D2170, D445 and related specifications
  • 20-fold viscometer tubes
  • Measuring range up to 100,000 mm2/s and / or up to 165 ºC
  • Temperature range 20 - 165º C
  • Fully automatic heating, sampling, measurement and cleaning
  • Use of preheated solvent to maximize cleaning efficiency
  • Advanced thermal sensors eliminate the need for reverse flow tubes
  • Sampling using vacuum or pressure allows analysis of volatile samples
  • Advanced PC software for storage, reporting and calculations
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Easy tube exchange; back to work in minutes without the need for a service tech
  • No external vacuum required
  • Chemically resistant to allow for all common solvents

Finally an instrument that eliminates the need for the tedious, labour intensive manual loading, measurement and cleaning of high viscosity samples

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