Installation Used Oil laboratory in Congo

Omnitek has succesfully installed an oil laboratory in Lubumbashi, Congo.

The area in South-East state Katanga is well known for it's presence of gold, copper and cobalt ores. Mining companies operate 24 hours per day using heavy mobile equipment like excavators and dumpers. Also they process these ores and generate their own power. To keep all equipment in excellent condition strict maintenance programmes are carried out. Among these in-service oil condition measurement is a key parameter.

Omnitek installed several instruments to support this preventive maintenance.
  • Omnitek S-flow 3000 automated kinematic viscometer
  • Spectro Scientific Q100 elemental spectrometer
  • Wilks Soot meter
  • Stanhope Seta Setaflash
  • Metrohm 756 / SC885 Karl Fisher titrator
  • Metrohm 905 / 814 Oil titrando for TAN and TBN titrations

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