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Omnitek launches BitUVisc

At this year’s PEFTEC, Omnitek BV will introduce the newest member to the U-VIsc family of kinematic viscometry systems : the BitUVisc.

The instrument was especially developed for demanding applications of high temperature and high viscosity products such as bitumens, waxes, asphalts and vacuum residue. Because of the problems associated with heating, sampling, measuring and

New instruments

Per 2015 Omnitek will expand delivery range by distributing new brands and instruments in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Instrumentation involves titration and elemental analysis by combustion.


CuDDI: Digital analysis Copper Corrosion

CuDDI - Copper Digital Detection Imaging

Copper corrosivity has become a critical indicator of sulfur compounds present after the refining process. Measuring corrosivity continues to be a challenge, as no accurate standardized test has been developed to date. Current corrosivity tests involve manual and visual assessments, resulting in human error and bias. The

Installation Used Oil laboratory in Congo

Omnitek has succesfully installed an oil laboratory in Lubumbashi, Congo.

ASTM ILS on Houillon viscometry (D7279)

Omnitek participates in new ASTM D7279 Interlaboratory Study. The new study comprises use of Houillon based kinematic viscometer systems for residual fuel analysis.
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