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Ever since its inception in 1979, OmniTek has distinguished itself by providing top quality products combined with exceptional service. We have earned a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality instrumentation, such as our S-flow and U-VIsc viscometry systems for oils, or our moisture analysers for plastics. To complement our range, we offer a carefully selected range of products of renowned manufacturers, who are all leaders in their field. Please browse our site through the top level menu by application, product type or brand. Or you can use our Method Selector or Property Selector or choose your main application from the 2 categories below.

OmniTek exhibits at Uniti Mineral” Oil Technology Congress in Stuttgart, Germany, on April 1-2

(Used) Oil Analysis &
Condition monitoring

OmniTek offers a full range of instruments for oil and used oil analysis. In order to detect potentially fatal wear in any lubricated system such as engines, turbines, gearboxes but also hydraulic systems, a proactive maintenance strategy is critical.

To provide as much information as possible about machine and lubricant condition, OmniTek offers a full range of analytical instruments. From the portable IR-spectrometer, the Fluidscan, up to laboratory scale instruments for Viscosity, FTIR, Spectroscopy and Particle Counting and classification, you can count on OmniTek to bring you the right solution in used oil analysis.

Plastics & Polymer

For plastics and polymers, we offer instrumentation for QC and research, as well as processing. Our ISO compliant moisture analysers are used for checking moisture levels at production and processing (such as injection moulding).

Our line of X-Ray Fluorescence systems provide high resolution elemental analysis for QC and R&D applications.

In the area of viscometry, our fully automatic dilute viscometry systems can be used, or for dynamic viscosity, we offer an advanced rotational viscometer.

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New U-VIsc fully automatic
kinematic viscometer

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